I am thinking of selling my Mr. Heater, as I need cash for travel/gas. It was purchased in October of 2010, and used about 8-10 times, run less than an hour each time, and is in nearly new condition.

Also included is the adapter hose to attach to 20lb cylinder, and filter which is necessary on hose as the inside has an oil to keep hose pliable, which must not get into the heater or...soon enough the heater will be toast. Also instruction booklet.

Here is a link to the Heater, which I did purchase from Lowes:

The filter and hose, which cost about $40, are here:

Mr Heater is great for hunting cabins, ice fishing shanties, garage work spaces, adjunct heat in a room that is normally not heated, and even can be used IN a van or tent(with care, as the front grates will get hot). It has an automatic shut-off if oxygen level gets too low, and also an automatic shut off if the heater gets tipped.

You can run a 1lb propane cylinder(like for Coleman camping stoves), but that can get spendy for regular use, as it will last between 6-12 hours, depending on the heater setting. The 20lber is the way to go, unless you are just taking it for a camping weekend and want to warm up.

I used it to take evening chill out of a cabin, and it made the place very comfortable quite quickly.

So, the total paid was just under $120 plus tax, last year. I would like to get at least $80, and am okay if I do not sell the item. Would also be happy to accept a more generous offer from someone who understands I am in need and isn't looking for a good buy at an incredible price.

Send me a PM here if interested. But need to be done quickly, as I will be departing next week.