If you rap down on Soul Glo (no glow) the last section is anchored by some webbing that isn't looking so good (not to mention it is notoriously longer than a doubled over 70m rope). My partner and I were sketched out by it last weekend and given the recent new of accidents it has made me thing that I should have tied a piece of cord/rope in there as well to back it up and left it and since I didn't I would warn people that it is getting more than a little frayed. So next group to use it might want to bring a piece and leave it. Hell, if I end up there this weekend I am going to do it first.

The rings look good. As you may know the top setup is a crazy beefy cable setup, which is in good shape.

And before anyone jumps on me, I didn't see a topic area for this, but if there is, I am happy to move/repost!