Don't have time to read through the 9 pages of dribble here, just my own 1st hand experience with almost losing a home to fire on the ridge in 2008

1. Fire suppression by years of miss-guided policies lead to an extreme buildup of fuel.
2. 2008 rolls around and boom... goes the powder keg on state land in my backyard.
3. Fire comes within 1/4 mile of my house. We were about 2 steps away from being asked to evacuate.

Suppress fire long enough in an ecosystem created by fire and the results will be catastrophic.
For land owners that own property in a landscape shaped by fire (i.e the Ridge) it's up to them to take action to make changes to mitigate risk of fire lose. (

The state and local agencies should burn all the can, at the same time homeowners should work to make their property less as risk. (You can't have any effective long term policy without both)