I just bought a Bluewater Dominator 9.4mm 70 meter rope, and before it arrived I climbed a couple of times on single ropes and decided I still prefer doubles.

I found it at such a good price, $193, that I jumped for it, then after the aforementioned climbs I had buyer's remorse . . . so I've got this brand new, never-used, direct-from-the-
Bluewater-factory, made in USA, standard dry, green (looks more like gold to me) & black rope that I don't really want & would like to sell for what I paid for it, or as close as possible.

Here's Bluewater Bluewater's site: ~ go to Recreation Products > Ropes, Dynamic > 9.4mm Dominator

And Backcountrygear backcountrygear has a good picture you can enlarge.

I'll be in the Gunks Saturday and Sunday October 20-21 (weather permitting) and if you'd like to have a look at the Bluewater I can bring it up. I live in NYC & anyone there who wants to come over and have a look is welcome to do so.

~ Beau Johnson 646 229 1301 beau@beaujohnson.com