Hey All,
I am looking for a partner for the week of October 22. I have been climbing for a couple of days here but my partners had to head back home. I am here for another week and trying to make the best of it. I am a solid trad leader and an excellent belayer. So far the hardest climb I have gotten on is M.F. a 5.9. I am looking for some one who would like to climb 5.9 or harder or even mellower and also do some multi-pitching. I have a double rack and a 70 meter rope. My email is Mtrider53@hotmail.com but since I am camping up at camp slime a better way to get a hold of me may be via phone. my number is 907-980-6201. I will also check my email in the am as well as the evenings.

Hope to me up with someone