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#68085 - 05/14/13 01:16 PM Critter on Horseman?
HensLee Offline

Registered: 05/14/13
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Ok, so I know I show up as a total newbie, first post and all - it's HensLee, formerly known as LeeMouse, but my old email address is no longer valid, I forgot my password, and anyway it was time for a new handle. Anyhoo. . .

While heading up Horseman yesterday morning early, maybe 8 feet above the slings at the optional belay, some kind of critter was hissing and making all sorts of noises from within a small hole in the rock. There was a lot of leaf litter in the hole so I couldn't see what was making all the fuss, and anyway, I wasn't too excited to stick my face in there and wind up with a snake/chipmunk/bird of prey attacking my nose.

I originally thought snake but it was making a lot of weird noises that I would not have attributed to a snake. Any idea what it was?


#68088 - 05/14/13 02:48 PM Re: Critter on Horseman? [Re: HensLee]
Jeff D. Offline

Registered: 06/10/05
Posts: 75
Loc: NY, NJ
Typically, the hissing you encounter on route in the gunks is a bat.

#68089 - 05/14/13 08:59 PM Re: Critter on Horseman? [Re: Jeff D.]
Gail Offline

Registered: 08/01/07
Posts: 95
Loc: Gardiner, NY
Years ago my friend was leading Something Interesting...stuck his hand in a slot and encountered a bat. At the end of the day he noticed two cuts on his hand. He was not sure if that was the hand he stuck into the bat's lair. He was not sure if the two little cuts were from said bat. He elected to have a round of rabies shots just in case.

I do not want to play with bats!

#68091 - 05/15/13 02:06 AM Re: Critter on Horseman? [Re: Gail]
anthonyb Offline

Registered: 10/21/08
Posts: 38
Loc: Paris, France
I had a strange run in with a pair of suicidal squirrels when I went to retrieve a cam that my partner couldn't get out from the first pitch of Te Dum. After starting up Inverted Layback, I traversed over on the horizontal that connects the two climbs to get my stuck cam back. Half way across I heard a skittering noise coming from an area where the horizontal crack met a vertical one. As I got closer I heard a heavy breathing/hissing noise coming from the same area. I told my partner to watch me in case whatever it was attacked me. A few seconds later, a squirrel shot out of the crack and flew over my right shoulder before landing in the branch of a tree well away from the cliff. I managed to hang on and ultimately retrieve my cam, but based on the sounds still coming from the crack, there was another round loaded up in the squirrel cannon ready for anyone else who made the mistake of traversing by.

#68092 - 05/15/13 12:06 PM Re: Critter on Horseman? [Re: anthonyb]
Rickster Online   content
old hand

Registered: 10/16/07
Posts: 853
Loc: Orange Cty, NY
Originally Posted By: anthonyb
....there was another round loaded up in the squirrel cannon ready for anyone else who made the mistake of traversing by.

I love that imagery. It provoked my first laugh of the day. laugh

#68102 - 05/16/13 03:39 AM Re: Critter on Horseman? [Re: Rickster]
Kent Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/21/00
Posts: 1038
Loc: The Bayards
Some years ago I was on the easy terrain that makes up the first stretch of the second pitch of Erect Direction. As it was easy going I hadn't placed any gear yet. My belayer on the ledge wasn't anchored. I stuck my hand in a crack and right on a snake. Almost came flying off. Had I done so and cleared the GT the two of us probably would have gone all the way to the ground. Would have made for an interesting accident report. "Two climbers connected by a rope were found at the bottom of the cliff. Other than the belayer's braking device there was no other gear attached to the rope. There was no gear found on the cliff. Both climbers were guides." Sheesh. Would have been an embarrassing way to go. I threw in a cam post haste. My belayer, Peter, laughed.

#68123 - 05/19/13 01:49 PM Re: Critter on Horseman? [Re: Kent]
HensLee Offline

Registered: 05/14/13
Posts: 2
Consensus seems to be Bat.

Kent, I had skipped clipping the slings at the optional belay to keep rope drag to a minimum and so was at least 15 feet above my last piece, which was on the traverse out to the nose. I figured if I came off I would take a nice big swing and smack right into the corner below. . .so I quickly fiddled in a blue alien and got the hell out of there. I had the same thought about the accident report. . .and what a dumb way it would be to hurt myself on a warmup.


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