The Gunks Climbers\' Coalition has been working with the Mohonk Preserve to address rappel anchors. Specifically the GCC is advocating for bolted anchors to replace tree rappel anchors where trees are suffering from climber impact. Additionally there are some fixed gear rappel anchors composed of pitons and/or other aging hardware that the GCC is requesting be replaced with bolted rappel stations.

Ultimately the decisions to add any new bolted rappel anchors will be made by the Mohonk Preserve. Your feedback in the following survey will be presented to the Mohonk Preserve by the GCC. As we are all aware, safety in climbing is paramount. We need and value your input, please click on the link below to participate in the survey.

Click here for the survey

Please accept our thanks for your time and thoughtful consideration and kindly share this information with other Gunks climbers you know.