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#7541 - 12/04/02 09:17 PM Snow Conditions
GymClimbingPoser Offline

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Alright, so I want to go snowshoe/packing for a few days over winter break, starting in about two weeks probably. All the winter camping I've done before has been during spring break, in March. Is there snowpack in the Presidentials this early? Never been up there. I'm assuming so but I don't want to drive up there and realize I have made a huge blunder. Also, if it turns out that I can't have the car for that long, then I'll probably stick to the Dacks and check out some of the places that were suggested on this board earlier, how's the snow there?

#7542 - 12/04/02 10:22 PM Re: Snow Conditions [Re: GymClimbingPoser]

I can't speak for the Presidentials, but you should have plenty of snow in the Daks by the time you get up there, especially if the present weather pattern keeps up. Happy hiking...

#7543 - 12/05/02 02:40 PM Re: Snow Conditions [Re: GymClimbingPoser]
nerdom Offline
Pooh-Bah *

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we're all living proof that nothing lasts

#7544 - 12/05/02 03:10 PM Re: Snow Conditions [Re: nerdom]
Mike Rawdon Offline

Carpal Tunnel

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Here's a good site for Adirondack weather:

#7545 - 12/05/02 03:12 PM Re: Snow Conditions [Re: GymClimbingPoser]
JoeKayak Offline
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I was up in Tuckerman's on the fateful recent weekend and I wished I'd brought my snowshoes. So, yes. But the website listed in another post is very useful.


#7546 - 01/03/03 01:19 AM Re: Snow Conditions [Re: GymClimbingPoser]

try this one it gives the conditions for most of NH

#7547 - 01/03/03 04:56 PM Re: Snow Conditions [Re: GymClimbingPoser]
Edgy Offline

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I haven't been up there since before Christmas, but I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of snow in the Presidentials. I live in pansy-assed WMass, 3 hours to the south, and we've had snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving. Right now there's about 8-12" in the woods.

Try this web page

(It also has real time stream gauge reports from many rivers for your aquatic fun…)

Click on the <<Snow Page>> button; you will get a choice of maps. The <<Snow Depth Map>> is the one you want.

Obviously, since the map is for all of Northeast, it can't be too fine in it's detail.... the local conditions may be different than what's on the map, but it gives a good general idea of how deep the cold fluffy stuff is....

The last time I looked, it showed between 10 and 20 inches in the Whites'.... I'm sure you'll find even more than that. I think there'll be be plenty for snowshoe fun….

The forecast calls for more snow starting today and ending Saturday

I'd be extra careful if you do head up there any time soon. Wednesday’s storm started out as freezing rain/sleet, before turning to all snow. It's been cold, so there hasn't been any melting or consolidation of the snowpack. That means that there is potential for an ice layer under any new snow that falls. That can mean avalanche conditions...

There's a web page somewhere (maybe the Mt Washington Observatory) that has the USFS Avalanche Forecast for the Tuckerman’s area. I'm sure a Google search will yield something useful.

Good luck and have fun....

ed e "who did take an avalanche course and what he learned scared him...."

#7548 - 01/03/03 11:35 PM Re: Snow Conditions [Re: GymClimbingPoser]
Climer Offline

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I just got back from the whites There was more snow in conway than franconia notch but....There wasn't consistant snow down low and alot of bare ground. over 2500 and you'll be ok... but if they get a warm streak it could be gone. They didn't get anywhere near as much snow as southern and central Vermont the further north you go the less snow there is... Unless they get a real dump I'd hit the daks.



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