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Board Rules Forums are intended as a space to share information and ideas, ask questions and foster a community of outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

The aim is for you to better understand the area, its opportunities, its political issues and problems so that you can be a responsible and contributing part of this inter-dependent community.

You can make an enormous contribution to this board. We all have insights, valuable experience and delightful things to share with one another. Please try to create an uplifted and dignified environment, especially when debating a point passionately. Undercutting people degrades the environment of the forum for everyone.

The forums are moderated, but that does not mean that the moderators read every post (far from it!). We respond to reports of abuse and will take appropriate action (include suspending users' posting privileges) if we feel a user is being threatened, marginalized, bullied, personally attacked, or their character called into question because of their point of view.

I try to avoid enforcing specific rules in favor of letting people use their best judgment. In lieu of rules, I offer the following guidelines:

  1. Be respectful
  2. When responding, stay on topic, or start a new topic
  3. Use Personal Messages (PMs) when you want to address comments to a specific user rather than the whole community.
  4. When someone asks a question, please avoid (purely) comic responses until the question has been answered. The priority of the forum is first to inform. Entertainment comes second.
  5. State your views, opinions and ideas. Avoid explaining back to someone what they really meant. Speak for your self rather than a group unless you've been given explicit permission to speak for another.
  6. Avoid name calling (jerk, idiot, psychopath, terrorist, bunched panties)
  7. threats are not permissible, (but they're great material for legal action should an altercation result).
  8. Don't reveal another user's identity or personal information in the forum.
  9. Agree to disagree
  10. If someone engages in inappropriate posting behavior, notify a moderator.
  11. If your intent is to do harm, cause pain, embarrassment, etc., take another approach.
  12. Please don't allow your disagreements/arguments to spill over into unrelated posts.