Top roping.

Posted by: solomon

Top roping. - 03/07/06 12:09 AM

What do I do when I am climbing an already bolted top rope route? I know not to use the rings at the top directly so, do I use a couple of quickdraws or what? Appreciate your help.
Posted by: Julie

Re: Top roping. - 03/07/06 12:15 AM

Just to be nitpicky, very few routes are really "top rope routes". Many routes have bolted anchors, but that doesn't make them top rope routes.

You can do a number of things - either a pair of quickdraws, or a cord- or web-o-lette eqalized is fine. The important things are to avoid TRing through the rings themselves, and to leave room for another party to rap through if they need to. There's a really nice solution in this article, where you can pre-rig your rappel without actually TRing through the rings.
Posted by: crackers

Re: Top roping. - 03/07/06 02:34 AM

I would actually ask people who toproping on bolted anchors that are on multi-pitch routes not to put their ropes through the anchors at all. Forcing another party to pull their ropes through the bolts as suggested in that article just doesn't make any sense at all to me, for their rope or for the bolt hangers.

I would recommend clipping two (if one has locking biners) or three quickdraws directly to the bolts with your rope running through your biners.