Climbing on Saturday, Nov 27

Posted by: Padraig

Climbing on Saturday, Nov 27 - 11/24/10 02:18 PM

So how likely is it that people will be out climbing this Saturday?

A buddy and I are looking for a leader willing to bear some cold and help out two seconds home for the holiday. We each have single ropes, but together we don't have a sufficient rack or lead experience for the multi-pitch climbing we would hope to do. We can both second 5.7 confidently and would be looking for some climbs and whatever mentoring some one is willing to hand out. We're both hoping to take the sharp end within the next year.

We can offer some laughs, some beer (or equivalent), and some excuses to work off the Thanksgiving gluttony. A ride may not be out of the question either (coming from CT and/or Putnam County).

Message here or call me, 401-451-0615.