West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT

Posted by: dstrickler

West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT - 09/19/12 02:52 PM

Greetings fellow Gunkies
The West Point Climbing Team will be hosting the annual ClimbFest on 21 OCT again, where cadets are paired with local climbers for a friendly day of top roped climbing for vertical distance. Registration & belay testing begins at 0900. Donations accepted for registration. Climbing by 1000 to 1400 or so. Food followed by prizes and raffles.
See the West Point Climbing Team's Facebook page for more info, and/or email westpointclimbing@gmail.com
Looking forward to climbing with you!
Dawes Strickler
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT - 10/22/12 01:28 AM

After kicking the idea around for a few years, I finally went to the WP Comp this year (today). Kudos and many thanks to Dawes, Sue, and all the cadets that put this event on; it was a great time.

PS You need an "over 55" category. :-)
Posted by: rg@ofmc

Re: West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT - 10/22/12 02:55 AM

How about Over 65? Or just Over The Hill...
Posted by: kenr

Re: West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT - 10/22/12 05:20 AM

Instead of such arbitrary age divisions, rather publish in advance of the event the earliest year in which at least one cadet on the USMA climbing team was born.
So allow climbers visiting for the day to choose to self-identify by purchasing a special T-shirt saying "I was climbing already before you were born".

Then there would be the (trickier) category to enable some visitors to self-identify with the T-shirt "I was climbing before your parents were born".

Posted by: Frank Florence

Re: West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT - 10/22/12 04:34 PM

Following Kenr's idea, I imagine folks "of a certain age" could wear a shirt that says " I was climbing before Sharma was born."

But all that would do is invite the question, "Then what happened?"

Anyone who's seen me climb knows I don't need category or tee shirt that says I'm over the hill.

Returning to the point of the thread, glad to hear Dawes et al. hosted a good day's event.
Posted by: dstrickler

Re: West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT - 10/23/12 04:17 PM

Thank you to all of the folks who came out to make this years West Point Climbing Comp AKA ClimbFest a great success. Lots of sun, food, routes, ropes and positive people to share the day with. Block out 20 OCT 2013 for next year (raindate 27 OCT). Your donations allow cadets to travel to comps, represent West Point at climbing venues in the northeast and beyond, climb on the Mohonk Preserve and your particapation at the event connects them with the local community and develops leadership through climbing.
Thank you
Posted by: Jannette

Re: West Point Climbing Comp/Event 21 OCT - 10/29/12 07:11 PM

Dawes - a good time at Climbfest as always!
Great to see members of your West Point team out at the Gunks this weekend helping Timmy O'Neill and the Paradox Sports crew, as well as at the GCC BBQ.