injured climber

Posted by: Victoria

injured climber - 12/03/12 10:15 PM

Hi, my husband and I were hiking along the undercliffs trail yesterday (Sunday) when we were summoned by rescue workers. A climber had fallen (just opposite the connecter trail), and we helped carry his stretcher down to the road. I've been thinking of him since, and hope he is recovering quickly. I am wondering if anyone has information about how he is doing. My thoughts are with him and his family.
Posted by: PeterW

Re: injured climber - 12/04/12 01:38 AM

Assuming it is the same incident: the climber was the son of a friend of mine. He was on Shockley's and slipped on the easy section about 35' up and decked. He is in the hospital with a broken pelvis and will have surgery on wednesday. Not sure if there are any other major injuries.

I was not at the cliff. This was all relayed to me by my friend via phone.
Posted by: Coppertone

Re: injured climber - 12/04/12 03:09 AM

Speedy recovery. Sounds bad but could of been worse from that high.
Posted by: Victoria

Re: injured climber - 12/04/12 11:57 AM

Thank you for the information. Glad it's not worse. continued good thoughts for a quick recovery.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: injured climber - 12/04/12 02:04 PM

Yes, he broke his pelvis in two places and suffered additional internal injuries. Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery.
Posted by: SethG

Re: injured climber - 12/04/12 02:57 PM

Sorry to hear of this, best of luck to the injured climber. Sounds like he's lucky to be alive if he really decked from 35 feet up.
Posted by: TerrieM

Re: injured climber - 12/04/12 04:20 PM

His dad is one of the guys who has been responsible for the stonework on the newer rehabs on access trails, and has given a lot to the Preserve. If you have the time, take a few moments out and send positive vibes, say a prayer, whatever you do, for dad and son as they go through this.

I met the fallen climber only a few times in passing. He is a strong, competent climber and a really good person. Respectful of others but alive with a personal energy and strong individuality. Best wishes for to him and dad while they work through this onsight crux sequence.
Posted by: Andre

Re: injured climber - 12/05/12 12:27 AM

More sad news of accidents in the Gunks. Hope the climber heals and fully recovers.

Decking from 35-feet...was there no gear in-place/did gear rip? Hard to believe this could happen.
Posted by: chip

Re: injured climber - 12/05/12 03:46 PM

Quick recovery prayers for all involved.
Posted by: ianmanger

Re: injured climber - 12/05/12 03:48 PM

Ouch, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Posted by: PeterW

Re: injured climber - 12/05/12 04:59 PM

Latest is that he actually broke his pelvis in 3 places. They bolted and plated that all back together this morning. Surgery went fine. He is currently having some minor facial damage fixed. Internal bleeding stopped shortly after the accident. Looks like a long but promising road to recovery.

As for the reason for decking, 35' up on Shockley's is very easy terrain and didn't have any pro in, or useful pro. Just slipped off. A sobering reminder to place gear/focus on the 5.easy
Posted by: Victoria

Re: injured climber - 12/05/12 10:31 PM

Thank you for the update. Wow, sounds like he has a really rough road ahead, but I am happy to hear he should make a full recovery.
Posted by: oenophore

Re: injured climber - 12/06/12 12:37 AM

Originally Posted By: Victoria
Thank you for the update. Wow, sounds like he has a really rough road ahead, but I am happy to hear he should make a full recovery.
And we hope whatever insurance he has covers it all.
Posted by: DMD

Re: injured climber - 12/06/12 03:19 PM

Conditions may well have been an important factor causing this accident. The cliffs were very wet pretty much all morning and early afternoon the day of the accident with the dense fog.
Posted by: Julie

Re: injured climber - 12/07/12 02:52 AM

Best wishes.
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Re: injured climber - 12/07/12 12:26 PM

We brought a patient to St. Francis ER shortly after fallen climber arrived and I caught wind that he was there. I have been keeping fingers crossed that he was going to be ok despite life threat type injuries ever since. I am so glad to hear that he's ok. Best wishes for a full and fast recovery.
Posted by: TerrieM

Re: injured climber - 12/07/12 06:59 PM

Also glad. He will fight for every inch of his rehab but he is still in the game.