Posted by: Bolt_Skytop

Graffiti - 08/02/13 12:34 AM

On my way into the Trapps this morning I saw that someone had tagged up a number of boulders with red spray paint. Anyone else see this atrocity?
Posted by: rg@ofmc

Re: Graffiti - 08/02/13 03:28 AM

A major tagging happened earlier this summer in the Near Trapps, and was erased by a clean-up crew, I think of volunteers, within a day or two.

One wonders whether the same people are responsible for this new defacement. Perhaps it is time for some remote video cameras?
Posted by: RangerRob

Re: Graffiti - 08/02/13 04:39 PM

I second that suggestion Rich. Perhaps the Preserve can divert a teensy bit of renovation money towards some enforcement effort.
Posted by: oenophore

Re: Graffiti - 08/02/13 04:40 PM

Perhaps it is time for some remote video cameras?

...which may be vandalized at night
Posted by: rg@ofmc

Re: Graffiti - 08/02/13 04:51 PM

Extremely doubtful that they'd be noticed, and they can easily be installed out of reach.
Posted by: crimpy

Re: Graffiti - 08/02/13 05:29 PM

there are cameras setup at bonticou on ski loop trail,i assumed to catch glimpses of boulder pads or mountain lions?
Posted by: Jannette

Re: Graffiti - 08/08/13 12:28 PM

Rich, probably not the same people. The summer graffiti was the bubble type letters. The recent graffiti was just letters in a single color - looked something like red marker but according to the ranger I talked to who was cleaning up, it almost seemed like lipstick although he didn't think it was. One of the markings I saw was a heart with initials in it.