Stairmaster Lot??

Posted by: Jen

Stairmaster Lot?? - 09/05/13 03:09 AM

Hello All!
I was just wondering if anyone knew what was going on with the stairmaster parking lot. Is it just the entrance that will be closed for a bit or the entire parking area?
Posted by: Jannette

Re: Stairmaster Lot?? - 09/06/13 02:46 AM

I believe they will make everyone drive through the visitor's center lot to get to the Stairmaster lot, so there's one point of entry.

Posted by: Rickster

Re: Stairmaster Lot?? - 09/09/13 10:19 PM

Small billboard at the East Trapps lot (Stair Master or Old Wawarsing Turnout) says beginning Sept. 15 the gate will be closed offering access only from the Visitor's Center.
Posted by: TerrieM

Re: Stairmaster Lot?? - 09/09/13 10:30 PM

It is scheduled to actually start this weekend, so be prepared!

That entrance will be gated, but parking WILL be available in the Warwasing lot. You will need to enter at the Visitor Center, and there is one of those little huts outside as you go down the ramp.