It's that time of year

Posted by: tallgirlnyc

It's that time of year - 01/31/14 09:43 PM

For those of us who don't climb ice...this time of year gets bad.

What are you doing to fight the winter no climbing blues?

Send word before I check myself into the nut house.

Posted by: Lucander

Re: It's that time of year - 02/01/14 12:33 AM

Spend time with people you care about


Catskill 3500


Be a better professor

Get a mocha (once a month)

Gin (daily)

Black Coffee (hourly)
Posted by: tallgirlnyc

Re: It's that time of year - 02/01/14 03:19 AM

Bless you Dave!
Posted by: phlan

Re: It's that time of year - 02/03/14 05:41 PM

Nordic skiing... it's more like the reverse for me... rock climbing is what helps get me through the rest of the year until there is skiing again, but the last years have been rather frustrating for our kind.
Posted by: Julie

Re: It's that time of year - 02/03/14 07:37 PM

It is -that- time of year, but as Chris says, the xc skiing has been pretty good this year, and more is coming down as I type. What else? Well, I finished off reorganizing / updating the Nears on MP (how's it look?), so that was a nice romp through the guidebook and a mental walk down the cliff. Currently looking at fares to Vegas, since I'm headed to SLC for a conference end of February. Spent some QUALITY time up in the attic replacing a bathroom fan the other day. Have you watched Orange is the New Black?

Solstice was in December already, it's coming around soon enough. Let's get up to Roger's Rock this year, eh?
Posted by: tallgirlnyc

Re: It's that time of year - 02/03/14 11:53 PM

Thanks Julie

Yes spring solstice at Rogers sounds like a plan!

Thanks Chris! You still using the miracle black wax for your skies??
Posted by: phlan

Re: It's that time of year - 02/04/14 04:43 PM

ah yes the good old black magic! I have not needed it since that one time as conditions have never been as weird as that day. also, this year I have been skating exclusively. this weekend should be really good local skiing if the promised storm pans out, so get back on your skis and enjoy.
Posted by: fotovult

Re: It's that time of year - 02/04/14 08:47 PM

escapes to the american southwest to keep the shakes to a tolerable level.
Posted by: chip

Re: It's that time of year - 02/06/14 07:30 PM

This year has obviously been pretty tough for mountain biking, which has seen me getting back to the climbing gym more often. I am more jealous than ever of you locals who have groomed trails to ski. Plan to hit them up Saturday.
Posted by: gunks

Re: It's that time of year - 02/08/14 10:19 PM

Went snowshoeing today. One more week and I'll be out west (AZ, CA, NV) for a two month road trip.
Posted by: Mim

Re: It's that time of year - 02/09/14 10:18 PM

Snowshoeing, skiing (in all forms), ice skating, hiking, running, archery, working out in the basement when the weather is bad... watching the Olympics, reading, writing, organizing the home office, taking long bubble baths, juicing... No winter blues from my end, unless it starts to rain before March 21st...
Posted by: RangerRob

Re: It's that time of year - 02/12/14 02:56 AM

I feel so bad for you people. This is absolutely the best time of year for me. No bugs, no crowds, weather that doesn't make you sweat, and a blanket of soft, quiet white. What's not to love?