BraveNewWild-Climbing Documentary

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BraveNewWild-Climbing Documentary - 02/01/14 02:04 PM

A few years back, a van load of documentarians pulled into New Paltz . The goal was to score some interviews amongst a gathering of Gunks legends to add to a documentary of American rockclimbing. A short trailer for the film can be found here:

The film project's title has gone through a number of changes. Previously known as "The Last Wild Mountain" it is now billed as "BraveNewWild".

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Have you posted this on,, and You know - sites where the forum software actually works, actually get traffic from more than a handful of users, and have site owners who actually care about what happens to the site - quite unlike here.
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Have you posted this on,, and …..

A quick forum search on each site shows there have been a number of posts over the past few years regarding the movie project on both and Super T. The new film title took effect during July, 2013. So, it seems that earlier posts used the old title, "The Last Wild Mountain".