How wet Saturday

Posted by: Doug

How wet Saturday - 05/15/14 07:09 PM

Any prognosticators out there want to take a crack at it? Sounds like pretty heavy rain overnight Friday and possible flooding and cloudy early Saturday with low wind. Cliffs pretty wet / drippy? OK late morning or early afternoon?
Posted by: Rickster

Re: How wet Saturday - 05/15/14 07:31 PM

These guys have been doing very well these past few seasons getting their Hudson Valley forecasts spot on.
Posted by: oenophore

Re: How wet Saturday - 05/15/14 10:06 PM

Do you request a second opinion on a weather forecast? Why? Don\'t you think the one on this website is as good as any?
Posted by: Doug

Re: How wet Saturday - 05/16/14 01:12 AM

Thanks for the link Rickster.

Oenophore, sorry to bother you. Was my question drowning out all of the other discussions here?

Yes, I can look at a forecast. No, I haven\'t looked at the one on this site actually since I go straight to the forums here. At any rate I wasn\'t asking for a forecast, but opinions on the expected impact of the forecast on the cliffs. I live hours away and don\'t have the regular experience with how the weather turns out that locals would.
Posted by: TerrieM

Re: How wet Saturday - 05/16/14 04:58 PM

It\'s not going to be an outbreak of sunshine once the rain stops. I think the cliffs will be wet Saturday for sure, especially if you\'re looking at sub 5.8 routes. But maybe wet holds don\'t bother you.
Posted by: Valpine

Re: How wet Saturday - 05/17/14 01:16 AM

Times like these I spend a lot of time watching this...
Posted by: Doug

Re: How wet Saturday - 05/19/14 02:10 PM

FWIW, it turned out way better than I expected! I opted for a later drive up but it was pretty nice conditions and I probably could have kept to my original plan. A little wetness in places but plenty easy to find open, dry rock or routes where the seeping wasn\'t a big deal.