Accident Sunday?

Posted by: SethG

Accident Sunday? - 05/28/14 04:06 AM

I heard a rumor that there was a rappel accident on Sunday at the Trapps, left of High E. Anyone know anything? I hope everyone involved is okay.
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Re: Accident Sunday? - 05/28/14 10:34 AM

There were three accidents at the preserve on Sunday. A hiker with a sprained ankle on the trail to Millbrook to be evacuated, an arm injury due to a climber\'s fall at Bonticou, and an accident at the Trapps. I was on trail crew till around 2pm at High E and there had been no accident there that I know of.. Radio chatter during our evac of the hiker was light and would indicate to me that all three injuries were not severe.
Sorry, no further info.
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Re: Accident Sunday? - 05/28/14 01:31 PM

Glad to hear it wasn\'t too serious.
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Re: Accident Sunday? - 05/28/14 04:56 PM

Originally Posted By: SethG
Glad to hear it wasn\\\'t too serious.

Based on what little I had to share, I hope so too.
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Re: Accident Sunday? - 05/28/14 05:17 PM

Over on mountainproject the word is that a person rapped off the ends near Madame G\\\'s, resulting in arm injuries. The person was taken out on a litter because of the possibility of back/spinal injuries.

Craig Plescia posted:

My partner coordinated the rescue with 2 of our students and a ranger from the preserve. The poor guy decked - I was told 20ft, which probably means 10ft, and was just laying there with a mangled arm and possibly an injured back/leg. They saw him as they were walking by, saw no one giving him medical attention (partner was on the phone with 911 or the preserve I believe), asked if he was ok and started the assessment.