ADK 540

Posted by: edk

ADK 540 - 07/27/05 12:56 PM

4 - 136 mile laps with 7500 ft of climbing each, over 30,000 all told.
no drafting,
start @ 7AM friday finish by 12PM Sunday
Start in Ticonderoga and travel north to Westport, west to Keene, north through Jay, west to Wilmington, south to Lake Placid, southeast through Keene Valley, Underwood, N. Hudson to Severance and then east back to Ticonderoga. Course is not marked, but is very easy to follow.

If you finish within a certain time slot of the first non-qualified rider it qualifys you for the RAAM

Sounds sick hard, anyone thinking about doing it.... I entertain the idea but dont think I am conditioned enough for that much non-stop saddle time.