Commuting lights update

Posted by: edk

Commuting lights update - 12/02/05 02:40 PM

Did some re-working of my commuting light setup this season.

Previously I had a single red blinky in the back, and a very strong HID light up front. I always felt a little exposed in the rear (HA! I crack myself up). Plus the reflective elements of whatever I was wearing and my pack.

This year good, high quality BRIGHT lights and reflectors are showing up.

I added a blackburn MARS 2.0 light to the rear with amber side flashers and red triangle lights, two very cool reflective/powered velcro wraps for arms and legs, and a blackburn blinky dongle thingy for my helmet. Now I feel like a red/amber, and white strobe slogging thourgh the wind swept plains of upper freehold twshp. - plainsboro route.

Each lights was around $8-$15 so I think I've got ~$60 in rear or side facing lights on me and hte bike now, the HID was $400, but has been in service for 3 years now and lights up the night like a car headlamp.

the MARS 2.0 (seemed brighter than the 3.0

powered reflector - GREAT for signaling turns
Posted by: pitfall

Re: Commuting lights update - 12/02/05 04:07 PM

I just got into the commuting game (even though I'm currently jobless) myself and have joined the HID bandwagon. I got a Topeak Moonshine HID and am very pleased with it on the road and may give it a shot in the trails tonight if I have a chance but probably won't have that luxury. It is one bright light! There is a good light comparison (with pictures) on I think if I do more trail riding I might add a jet light to have a dual system but that's not happening anytime soon.

I have a mars on the back too but mine is a 3.0. I got in a combo deal with a big bulky LED they have for the front that has nicely visible flash/steady mode. I use this if all I need is to be seen and not to see. I also use reflecive bands on my ankles but haven't gone beyond that yet.

I ride a busy road by the biggest mall in the area almost nightly and being seen is so important, especially with the holiday blitz.
Posted by: Julie

Re: Commuting lights update - 12/02/05 06:19 PM

Nice, Ed! Bet someone on your route will report a UFO sighting
Posted by: D75

Re: Commuting lights update - 12/03/05 01:49 AM

Or you could have just cut the cheeks out of your pants for a lot less. Full moon very visible and traffic slowing.