Installing Mechanical disc brakes

Posted by: d-elvis

Installing Mechanical disc brakes - 06/13/06 04:25 PM

Is this a DIY project or one for the LBS? Experiences?
Posted by: MurphysLaw

Re: Installing Mechanical disc brakes - 06/13/06 04:53 PM

If you have to ask.....

Mechanical disks *should* be no more difficult to install than normal V-brakes or even cantilevers for that matter. It's just a matter of cutting some cable and housings, etc.

But for somebody who has probably never installed anything more complicated than a blinkie light or a ding bell and tassles to a bike , you'd probably be better off paying the LBS to do it for you.

Or not. After all, they're only brakes, and all they do is slow ya down - who cares if they actually work or not?
Posted by: stimpy

Re: Installing Mechanical disc brakes - 06/13/06 06:14 PM

Assuming that your frame, fork and both hubs are disk compatible it shouldn't be that difficult. Cutting the cables to the appropriate length is easy with steel cables vs. hydraulic where you have to bleed the system.
BTW, how was Moab?