twisting handlebar stem

Posted by: CrackBoy

twisting handlebar stem - 12/08/06 09:46 PM

probably a stupid question.

so i realized yesterday that my handlebars were like 25 degrees off center before my ride home.

i was able to knock it back in place for the most part.

today it got skewed again, but this time it was even easier to move.

So my obivous guess is some bolt is coming loose. but which one? i have one of those adjustable stems with lots of bolts to mess around with

i will probably just go and try and tighten everything but figured it would save me some time if someone knew the right bolt
Posted by: Tai

Re: twisting handlebar stem - 12/08/06 10:07 PM

It's most likely the stem bolts themselves. Realign, tighten, and you're golden. Make sure, if you haven't, to put some anti-seize compound on the threads.

Also, just for shits and giggles, check to make sure the top cap screw is tight - not crushingly tight, but on the tight side of snug. This holds the bearing set in place.

Bear in mind that, if you tighten the stem bolts before tightening the top cap, you're kind of defeating the purpose. Tighten the top cap first, then realign the stem and tighten that down.

Edited to say "oh, one of those ADJUSTABLE stems..." Okay, there should be either one or two screws that clamp down and hold the stem onto the top of the steerer tube. Those are the ones to tighten down.