I met Floyd!

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I met Floyd! - 12/18/06 07:08 PM

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Cool!!! How about some details?
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Re: I met Floyd! - 12/20/06 05:33 PM

It was a track event fundraiser for firefighters in memory of Floyd's father-in-law, Dave Witt, here in SD at the velodrome (I really should go try that while I'm here). Floyd did two matched races with Zabriskie, which were more for show than for speed, but Floyd's only been on his bike for a few weeks now (hip replacement, late September). He's just an amazingly nice guy - he thanked us for coming!

Sarah Hammer, the aptly-named women's world track champ, even took one race away from all the guys. She's amazing.

Floyd emceed while Robbie Ventura went out on the track with Bob Roll and a microphone. (I'll post a pic of that in a bit) That was funny all-around. Seems like everyone in cycling grows facial hair in the off-season - Zabriskie looked like Chewbacca.

Above: Bob Roll with the mike and beard on the left, Ventura wearing FL's Visionquest jersey on the right.
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Re: I met Floyd! - 12/20/06 07:19 PM

Here's Chewbacca (on his TT bike) and Bionic Hip himself (on a geared bike) playing cat & mouse on the track: