Chain question

Posted by: CrackBoy

Chain question - 02/15/07 07:46 PM

Ok, so recently i noticed that my chain loses all tension in it when i stop peddling, to the point where it drops down below the frame and i need to peddle once or twice to get tension back in before i can move again.

is this an adjustment thing or do i just need a new chain?
Posted by: stimpy

Re: Chain question - 02/15/07 09:34 PM

One possibility is that your freewheel mechanisim is sticking and when you stop pedaling the freewheel is pushing the chain forward making it droop. Lubricate your freewheel or casette's ratchet mechanism and it should go away.

To test this lift the back wheel off the ground, pedal to get the wheel spinning, and if the crank starts to turn when you stop pedaling (like a fixed), then that's it.

A limp chain is not a pretty sight.