Tour de Gunks 2009 ?

Posted by: Timbo

Tour de Gunks 2009 ? - 07/24/09 04:03 PM

Any interest in doing one this year ?

Prospective dates ?

Possibles are August sometime to take advantage of swim break at Awosting, September to have OK weather and beat the crowds, or October to enjoy nice weather and foliage. My August is pretty busy, so I would prefer September or October.

If we can get at least 3-4 people that can commit, I'm in.

Posted by: KathyS

Re: Tour de Gunks 2009 ? - 07/24/09 05:47 PM

Needs to be in August for the highest probability of thunderstorms to make life exciting. :^

I'm a maybe. I have been riding less than ever this year because of rain and work, but could probably manage the first half. I keep an eye out for updates and join if I can.

Posted by: Julie

Re: Tour de Gunks 2009 ? - 07/27/09 03:30 PM

I'm interested, but ... I'd rather think about doing it in August, when it's too hot/humid to climb. If it's sunny in Sept/Oct, I'm climbing!

And hey, what would a Tour de Gunks be without some hail?