CT Riding

Posted by: nerdom

CT Riding - 08/08/02 01:19 PM

Connecticut is chock-full of great technical singletrack mountain biking. Check out this website:


I've ridden Bluff Point, Cockaponsett, Nepaug, Miller Pond, and the West Hartford Reservoir, along with many others not mentioned on the site. They're all fantastic.
Posted by: Tai

Re: CT Riding - 01/02/03 09:50 PM

In addition, you've got Huntington, Bethel, Trumbull, and Branford. Just over the border into NYS, you've got Taconic Hereford (known as "909", as it's 909 acres), Stewart Airport, Mianus, Saxon Woods, Sprain Ridge, Blue Mountain, and quite a few more.