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Moab - 08/08/02 10:30 PM

I have had a brochure form Kaibab bikes for about 5 years now. They do multi day trips past ruins and things like that. I want to do this trip but not as part of a tour group. Does anyone know where I can get trail info on where they bike?
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Re: Moab - 08/12/02 02:09 PM

Hey Cori!
Let's start our chat now. Here's the link to Kaibab:

I just selected the different tours they had listed and then went to Google and typed in, for example, "the maze mountain biking" and up came a bunch of hits. I think you can probably dig out the maps you need.

I am also a memeber of Rage and will ask around for other links. From conversations I've had Moab is like one of THE coolest places to ride.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Moab - 08/12/02 08:12 PM

What is Rage? We biked at Moab only once but had a blast!
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Re: Moab - 08/13/02 12:57 PM

Check here for some info....
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Re: Moab - 08/16/02 07:29 PM

I'll start with a disclaimer: Although I haven't mountain biked much in the Moab/Canyonlands/Arches area, I've visited it a number of times for 4x4 trips when we lived in CT. We now live about 4 hours north in SLC. We've done the major trips of the White Rim, Needles, and Maze as well as some others. We've seen a fair bit of ruins and pictograph panels.

With that said, the key thing to remember (and not take lightly) about any of the organized/guided trips is that they come with 4x4 support. The distances are vast and, for the most part, there is no water available. The White Rim is approx. 125 miles pavement to pavement (and if you want to do it as a loop back to your starting point, a 2000 foot climb out is required). On our Maze trip we drove about 150 miles over 3.5 days. The guides also know where there is good riding on a given trip and which areas should be avoided.

For example, in the Maze district, in the Standing Rocks area, is a good 5 - 10 miles of deep (for a mtn. bike) sand, making a miserable riding experience. The point is just knowing which trails the organized trips take isn't quite the whole story.

The Kibab Tours site Dizzy mentioned really doesn't give a whole lot of info about where they go. For instance, they talk about seeing pictographs on the Maze trip and specifically mention the Harvest Scene (spectacular, btw). However it's not on most maps, a bit of a hike from one of the campsites, and requires some pretty good map reading skills (plus some guesswork).

If you want specific info about where to find ruins and pictographs, let me know - I'd rather not post them in a public forum - so many have suffered so much vandalism over the years.

One site that has pretty good info and trail suggestions/maps is:
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Vandalism - 08/17/02 08:21 PM

In my last post I mentioned vandalism of pictographs. Attached is a prime example from an easily accessible location in the San Rafael Swell. Note the scratched in carvings and the bullet chip in each hand icon.
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Hey Cori!
Check this out

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I love it!

"you'll learn riding techniques that will take you to the next level"

That means they will teach me how to get up a hill, I think. Now that is one cool camp!

also, massages are included in the price.
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GOOD food, a DAILY massage, cocktails. This sounds like a tough vacation to me!

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Cori is a Princess - that is a description of her typical day, not a vacation.

..and all for the low, low price of $1995
(airfare and bike shipping not included, subject to availability, prior restrictions may apply, your mileage may vary, plus taxes and gratuities, yada, yada, yada )
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Re: Moab - 08/29/02 02:13 AM

I have to tell you that biking in Moab is great!! I have been out there dozens of times and would recommend it to any one who asks. I also recommend Kaibab bike tours. I did a 5 day trip with them to the grand cayon and let me tell you it was the BEST trip I have ever taken. The riding was amazing , the guides were great and the food,,, well let me tell you that I gained 4 pounds on the trip. The only thing the guides didn’t do were ride the bike for you. I highly recommend it.

Riding in Moab can be a little tricky if you get lost you can die. It is a desert and water is not readily available, so plan accordingly. My suggestion to you is go during the fat tire festival. It’s in October it is the best time to ride there and they have guides for every level. Bring water bottles and some cool weather gear (in the mornings it is still cold). When I was out there last they had a Halloween ride where everyone dressed in costume and rode down main street to a pasta dinner (500 MTB) it was great.

Good luck Cori