Boots-worn toe

Posted by: Chooch

Boots-worn toe - 07/13/03 01:11 AM

I wear a pair of Vasque boots every day at work. (got em for $15 at REI, sweet)
I kneal on concrete floors and sometimes even crawl around crawlspaces in houses all day. The toe is wearing quickly.
Does anyone have a secret to protect the toe? Maybe a glue to spread on the leather.
Seam Grip comes to mind. As does Duco Cement. Maybe even superglue.
Posted by: charliebutters

Re: Boots-worn toe - 07/13/03 11:13 PM

barge cement and a strip of rubber/leather, i used to use this for holes on my skateboard sneakers.

peas, c
Posted by: quanto_the_mad

Re: Boots-worn toe - 07/14/03 06:53 AM

What's wrong with duct tape?
As charlie says, barge cement and leather works wonders. You should be able to get a patch of heavy leather at a craft store, then just apply shoe polish to get it near the right color so it doesn't look completely goofy.