Gunks Hiking Conditions...

Posted by: JoeKayak

Gunks Hiking Conditions... - 03/11/04 08:37 PM

I'm probably heading up for a day hike on Sunday. Can anyone give me an idea of what the trails might be like? I'm thinking of hiking Millbrook out to Gertrude's Nose or perhaps something in Minnewaska. I'll have a dog too.

What's on the ground? Snow? Ice? Slush? Mud?

Bring gaitors? Any recommendations?



(ps. i might be kickin' 'round saturday night at the hostel if anyone's 'round--no car tho).
Posted by: tico

Re: Gunks Hiking Conditions... - 03/11/04 09:29 PM

Things are pretty muddy, i'd bring a towel and spare socks/shoes for afterwards.