Metro North -- Appalachian Trail

Posted by: Anonymous

Metro North -- Appalachian Trail - 04/12/04 07:10 PM

Question re: day-hiking from the Metro North Appalachian trail stop -- taking Metro North from NYC to the Trail in the morning, hiking out for a few hours, hiking back for a few hours, then returning via Metro North to the City. Going south/west heads toward Nuclear Lake. Going north/east heads through the Pawling Nature Reserve. Just wondering if someone can compare the two -- which is more scenic, relative difficulty, etc.? Any preferences?
Much obliged.
Posted by: charliebutters

Re: Metro North -- Appalachian Trail - 04/12/04 10:41 PM

both are worth it, heading north takes you first through cow pastures then into the woods.
south takes you through a swamp with overactive beavers before heading into the woods.
south seems to have more altitude gain and views though i only hiked in either direction for 3 hours or so before heading back to the train.
hope this helps.