Hiking onto Mountain House land

Posted by: Dpat

Hiking onto Mountain House land - 06/22/09 05:07 PM

Hi all. I looked around a bit and it doesn't look like this has been covered recently so I thought I would ask.

Does anyone know the current state of agreements between the Preserve and the Mohonk Mountain House?

I would like to hike up to skytop, probably via the labyrinth/lemon squeeze, but it's been many years since I've done that hike. I am a Preserve member, so I was thinking about parking at the stairmaster lot and hiking along the carriage road to get to the labyrinth. Is there any problem with Preserve member getting on to the Monuntain House property?

Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Hiking onto Mountain House land - 06/22/09 06:15 PM

No problem with what you're proposing. But hikers are not allowed to enter the hotel or the porch. The "Picnic Lodge" just downhill from the Mt House is open for hikers (snacks, bathrooms).

Also note that the Lemon Squeeze AKA Crevice is semi-officially a one-way trail now - up only.
Posted by: Jannette

Re: Hiking onto Mountain House land - 06/22/09 11:56 PM

If you park at the Mohonk Mountain House gatehouse parking lot and you have a Preserve membership, they charge an additional fee ($5 per person). A day pass for hiking if you're not already a Preserve guest or member is outrageous, $18 on weekdays, $23 on weekends per adult (over 12). No additional fees if you have a Preserve day pass and hike in from the Preserve.

Posted by: Dpat

Re: Hiking onto Mountain House land - 06/23/09 09:10 PM

Thanks for the replies, very helpful. Since at least one of my co-hikers doesn't have a Preserve membership, parking and hiking from the preserve seems like the way to go. It'll be a lot cheaper.
Posted by: AOR

Re: Hiking onto Mountain House land - 06/25/09 03:37 PM

Please take this advice from someone who has first hand experience;
If you're going to take a pack onto their property (which I'm sure you will), make sure it only has food, water, etc. in it. DO NOT under any circumstances carry anything that resembles climbing gear. You'll be asked (or, more likely escorted) off their property.
I took a long hike with a friend a few years back who had never been up to Skytop and we had just done a few routes in the far end of the Trapps and we decided to take a hike up there. Not to go into specifics, it was a mistake...and, the results were very unpleasant. We were NOT there to climb, just hike. Just so you're warned frown