Awosting Falls

Posted by: cfrac

Awosting Falls - 03/13/11 06:09 PM

Didn't really know where to post this since there is no Forum entitled "Awosting Falls Photos & Videos". What's up with that?!

Went up there Friday afternoon and it was raging, but apparently I was told that what I witnessed was, "nothing compared to the day before".

So here's a bit of video slowed down, a little on the boring side but also kind of peaceful:
Awosting Falls Video

The Torrent!


Posted by: Mim

Re: Awosting Falls - 03/14/11 02:34 PM

I am so glad you taped this!

On Saturday, I guided a day hike from the Trapps bridge along the Ridge to Millbrook and back down to the Falls, where we ended. I had forgotten my camera and wasn't too happy about missing on this flow.

I sent them the link.
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stony kill falls a couple weeks ago - 03/14/11 03:52 PM

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Re: stony kill falls a couple weeks ago - 04/01/11 07:23 PM

The video looks insane, thanks for sharing! I'm sure there are some WW enthusiasts salivating at it, but I'm assuming the PIPC bans that activity too...

I posted a photo last summer: