Woodland Valley

Posted by: empicard

Woodland Valley - 06/26/12 02:39 AM

When was the last time anyone stayed at Woodland Valley campground?

Any details?
Posted by: crimpy

Re: Woodland Valley - 06/26/12 04:50 AM

i find privacy limited at wv.otherwise a great base camp for magnificent hikes.
Posted by: chip

Re: Woodland Valley - 06/26/12 02:21 PM

Haven't been in 35 years. Sorry.
Posted by: empicard

Re: Woodland Valley - 07/19/12 06:16 PM

A lovely time was had in Woodland Valley. .25c shower was actually a little TOO hot after a morning hike.
very nice place. and an old fashioned Hershey's Ice Cream truck came around in the evening!
Posted by: chip

Re: Woodland Valley - 07/20/12 03:40 PM

sounds great.