Hiking with my dog

Posted by: Anonymous

Hiking with my dog - 10/30/02 08:25 PM

I have a 7 month old dog who is great with people and loves to swim and play outside. I have just started to get her into hiking and would like to hear from other people who hike with their dog.

I purchased a Kelty pack for her. I understand that you have to break in the dog with their new pack, has any one done this before. My wife and I really want to do this right so we can all enjoy the outdoors together.

I climb but will nevwer leave her at the base of a climb. I know that is a huge issue in the Gunks.

If any one has some good trails for hiking with a pet in the newpaltz bear mountain area that would be great.

Posted by: MurphysLaw

Re: Hiking with my dog - 10/30/02 09:46 PM

We take the MurphDog up Bear Mtn (there are 2 or 3 different trail options) all the time - he loves it.
Plus, he gets to swim in Hessian Pond at the bottom.

He did Anthony's Nose when he was just a wee pup, it was a bit too much for him then, and my wife had to carry him back down. It's no problem now.

He doesn't have a pack (lazy mutt - or is that smart doggie? ), so he relies on us to carry his snacks, water, leash, etc.

He also hikes w/ us in Fahnestock, on the AT, up Breakneck Ridge, Sugarloaf, Castle Rock, Taurus, Mt Beacon, Schunemunk, wherever.
(He comes climbing on occassion too, but he's a very good dog, so leaving him at the base hasn't been an issue thusfar. - don't take my word for it, crackers, phil, phlan, etc. can vouch for him )

Can't help w/ the pack question, but other than severe scrambling routes (like Giant's Workshop - that's too much for any dog), you should be able to take your dog hiking anywhere that you go.
(we even took him winter camping once, he did fine.)
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Re: Hiking with my dog - 10/31/02 03:31 AM

crackers, phil, phlan, etc. can vouch for him

Next expert witness please!
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Re: Hiking with my dog - 10/31/02 03:36 AM

do you think he realized he shot himself in the foot with his choice of expert witnesses?

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Re: Hiking with my dog - 'expert witnesses' - 10/31/02 01:30 PM

Well, it's not like they are convicted felons or anything.
(not convicted, anyway )