Posted by: charliebutters

newfoundlandbound? - 01/09/03 06:24 PM

hi all, i am beginning to plan a trip to newfoundland and was wondering if anyone has ever been or has any links to current info.thanks
Posted by: GeeVee

Re: newfoundlandbound? - 01/09/03 07:23 PM

A Google search on the words Newfoundland and tourist produced 34,300 hits. What kind of information were you looking for? Here's something to start you off.
Posted by: charliebutters

Re: newfoundlandbound? - 01/10/03 02:51 AM

thanks geevee,
i have been searching the web, buying travel books and recieving tourist guidebooks from canada.
what im really looking for is someone with firsthand knowledge of the place to help me make up my mind concerning the countless options.
right now we are considering flying to halifax,ferry over to channel port au basques north to gros morne for a couple of days of backpacking.then east to st.johns,south to terra nova then perhaps to the french island of st.pierre.
we are in the early stages of planning and do not know if this is even possible for a less than 2 week trip.any ideas reccomendations?
peace charlie