Cleaning Muddy Trail Shoes....

Posted by: JoeKayak

Cleaning Muddy Trail Shoes.... - 06/02/03 03:22 PM

After reading the motivating threads on hardcore trail running races and some of your exploits (GV- sub 3-hr marathons! Geez.), I was motivated to go for a long run at the famed Manassas National Battlefield Monument in Viriginia yesterday. They have nice cinder track/trails that run about 12 miles or so through woods, across fields, and adjacent to Bull Run, Matthew Hill, and Henry Hill, site of Stonewall Jackson's namesake. And no, I only ran 5.2 miles; not all 12.

The problem is that it POURED the night before and I got my nice white Asics Cumulus IV running shoes all muddy. Since I am a gumby at running in general, I turn to you, erudite gunks.commies for suggestions on how to clean them.

Washing machine?
Spray 'em down with a hose?
Shut up a deal with it because white-ish running shoes are for sissies anyway?

Enlighten me!


Posted by: GeeVee

Re: Cleaning Muddy Trail Shoes.... - 06/02/03 05:26 PM

I've found that the best thing for cleaning muddy running shoes is carpet. Just walk straight into the house wearing them - you'll be amazed at how much of that mud comes right off as soon as you do.

White shoes probably aren't optimal, but usually I just hose them down in the back yard and let them dry (removing the insoles speeds the process). They'll probably never have that "fresh out of the box" sparkle again - but do you really care?

The washing machine might be problematic (you'll have a hard time getting the grit out) but if you do go that route use COLD water and don't put them in the dryer afterwards.
Posted by: JoeKayak

Re: Cleaning Muddy Trail Shoes.... - 06/02/03 06:06 PM

Yeah, my brother wasn't too happy about the mud on the carpet; most of the caked on stuff came off. I was more worried about the stuff on top of sneaker. I'm rather happy that they are no longer white, but was concerned about the mud drying up and the shoe getting funky. I always think about every old pair of sneakers I wear canoeing and how they never quite fit the same afterward. I guess I'll just spray 'em off and that'll be that.

Gotta work my way up to a marathon some way.