A Standing O for Murphyslaw

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A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 07/27/06 07:12 PM

While he's still a poser wanker, hats off to finishing 109th out of a field of over 2100 in the 2006 Lake Placid Ironman. He qualified for Kona Hawaii (the holy grail of Ironman) and is going!!

Swim 2.4m - 1:19:22
Bike 112m - 5:26:32
Run 26.2m - 3:24:04

You can watch him finish by going here, typing in bib number 1114 and clicking on "watch me finish" http://ironman.com/events/ironman/lakeplacid?show=tracker&y=2006

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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 07/27/06 07:28 PM


You're an a$$hole! You run a freakin' 3:24 marathon AFTER all that biking and swimming? Geezus. I couldn't touch that time when I ran JUST a marathon.

Seriously, congrats on qualifying for Hawaii. That's incredibly impressive. Good luck!
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 07/27/06 10:08 PM

Congratulations are well deserved! Those are amazing finishing times for the individual sports, never mind doing all 3 one after the other!
Forget Ironman Hawaii - how about doing Survival of the Shawangunks?
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 07/28/06 01:11 PM

solid Murph! congrats
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 07/28/06 01:30 PM

nice work!!!

looks like you've been really working on the swimming!

keep it up!
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 07/29/06 01:33 AM

Wow, that's impressive!
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 07/30/06 03:35 PM

You go boy!
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 08/01/06 05:22 PM

wow...you're an inspiration.

those are outstanding times

congratulations on this amazing accomplishment.

best of luck to you in hawaii.
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 08/03/06 06:03 PM

If you are really human, then I can't decide whether you are an inspiration or demoralizing.
Either way nice, and good luck in Hawaii
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 08/05/06 05:32 AM

When is the Kona Ironman? - I'm due a trip out there next year, if it happened to be at the right time, I'd be the cheering crew!!!!!
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 08/07/06 03:50 PM

Thx all for the kind words.

Just back from a week and a half of va-ca w/ la familia, and didn't know that our beloved G.com was finally back up, so I'm only now seeing this for the first time.

I had a great race, I really surprized myself w/ how well everything went. So much can (and does) go wrong during an IM, so for me to nail it on my first go like that was beyond belief....
I was just hoping to go < 11 hrs, and had set a stretch goal of being under 10:45, so I was shocked when I realized that I was doing as well as I was. I hoped/dreamed that maybe if I really had a great day, I could be in sniffing distance of a Kona slot. But since my swim is still pretty crappy, I had all but given up on that hope, and just wanted to have a fun day, and not walk any of the marathon.
Qualifying for Kona was definitely the icing on the cake of a great day.

If ya wanna read the unabridged and unedited race report, you can go here to read all about it.... I had some bike issues during the 2 days prior to the race, but all worked out well in the end.

So now you all know why my climbing has been for sh!t sor far this year
(of course, all the rain and then heat hasn't helped much either )

The "happy problem" now is, I only have 11 weeks to get ready again for Kona. YIIKES!!!
Oh, and paying for it. Airfare to and hotels in HI are spendy. Double YIIKES!!!

So much for the pre-race plan of taking off the month of August, and finally doing some climbing again.
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 08/11/06 05:28 PM

Just came across these pics on another website. How the hell does ANYONE swim in this?

Lake Placid Ironman pics
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Re: A Standing O for Murphyslaw - 08/11/06 06:02 PM


Here's a link to a video of the swim start. The pics really don't do it justice.

It is mayhem. Rugby scrum meets mosh pit meets water polo.

But in a good way.

IMLP 2006 swim start video

(LOOK! Thre I am, that guy in the wetsuit w/ the white swim cap on! Right there!!!! )

I'm a crap swimmer, but even in spite of (or because of) the carnage, I thought it was kinda fun.