wag IV

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wag IV - 09/09/08 11:04 AM

cOme nOVemBer, tHe oNly rEal pOsiTiVe ChaNge wiLL bE tHe 4tH rUnNinG oF tHe wAg

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Re: wag IV - 09/09/08 03:18 PM

Thinking, and I use that term loosely, of doing this since I'm not running NY. A couple questions:

Is the Millbrook trail the same as last year or is that new? If so, is that to make it harder?

Anyone driving from the Otter that am?

Who else is in?
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Re: wag IV - 09/09/08 05:26 PM

I'm in! Especially since I missed it last year. I told all my ultra friends (the ones who showed up last year) about this year's date.
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Re: wag IV - 09/21/08 01:25 AM

"Is the Millbrook trail the same as last year or is that new? If so, is that to make it harder?"

the route out to millbrook is new this year and consensus has it to be vastly superior to the route ran the previous 3 years. it was not intended to be harder and i don't believe that it is - in fact, I'm guessing the route to be about 2 miles shorter. It does take in a bit more single track, but for the most part it's not too difficult. The sections from Mud pond to Lake Awosting & later, the Coxing Trail (Millbrook to Trapps CW) are some of the finest & enjoyable single track runs around. Great you guys are considering it - always a fun day.
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Re: wagathon IV - 10/27/08 01:20 PM

After 2 hours of trail running Sunday morning I then met up with my old climbing partner & original wag Bwana Jim at the Mac wall. Between pitches ( & cigs) he told me he couldn't see how any climber would end up running. He makes a good point.....

In case you are considering this ( this may very well be our last time doing the run) there are some additional official/unofficial wagathon info for 2008 fun run.

print out a route description from the wag website & carry a copy with you. Consult the Shawangunk Trails Map Set for further clarification (available online for purchase from Rock & Snow). There will be no marking of the route.

This is an informal group fun run (not a race) where we share with old and new friends the beauty of the ridge.There is absolutely NO aid provided during this run and all aspects of it are the runners (or walkers) sole responsibility. Carry what you need & go as fast or slow as you like.

If you don't have a membership to the mohonk preserve run with $10 and give it to the first ranger you see. Better yet purchase a membership prior http://www.mohonkpreserve.org/index.php?member Please carry your membership card with you.

All wildlife, millipedes, hikers, pad people, walkers, baby joggers, fallen leaf lookers , etc., have the right of way. Please be courteous and thoughtful when approaching others. The only exceptions to this are Jack Russell Terriers.

Consider running with a cell phone. it might just work from over there in which case you can call someone over somewhere

If you are allergic to b stings plan accordingly. not likely for b's in November but in both the escarpment and pfalts point there were issues this year

If you are not sure about covering the distance or are having a bad day plan on a possible bailout point. A good idea would be having a support person to check in with you at some point. The Trapps bridge is an ideal location and if need be an easy hitch into town. If you make it to Skytop it is virtually all downhill from there.

To offset the cost of beer, Rock & Snow is offering up a pair of either Inov8, Salomon, or Sportiva trail running shoes (your choice/any in stock) to first in male, female runners.

The Shawangunk Running Company is also offering a prize (Go Lite Windproof Shells) to someone other than the "winner". Pretty good odds as our turnout is always poor.

If you are foolish enough to be first in and are broke (which is understandable) you can opt to run out the back door and lobby congress for a taxpayer bailout ...I mean Rescue Plan.

However, if you are an investment banker who is a recipient of our yet to be earned bail out money, a CEO of a global energy corporation, or you have been doing well shorting stocks consider a generous donation to the Mohonk Preserve... they are the greatest & worthy of our support.

today you just have to ask yourself: are you better off now after 8 years of W? I couldn't help myself. See you all on the 9th........

BTW: none of these organizations are in any way affiliated with, nor endorse the opinions & activities of the WAGs. nor do we.........
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Re: wagathon IV - 10/29/08 09:18 PM

Thanks for the update. Have maps and membership, will run.
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/08/08 07:56 PM

I am all set for tomorrow. Three or four of my friends are going too. Going to be lots of muddy puddles to splash through after today's rain \:\)
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/09/08 07:00 PM

So how'd it go?
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/09/08 10:38 PM

Apparently it went well, drinking and running one would think; i just received a very giggly phone call...
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/10/08 03:00 AM

<hic!> yes it went very well.
Maybe 20? people showed up and enjoyed a great run from Sam's Point to the Gilded Otter (if only every run could end at a brewpub) on a cool sunny day. I think the winner finished in just over 4 hours - we took a leisurely 6.5 hours, not bad given that two of my friends had raced the Stonecat Marathon yesterday. I got to meet Felix - big thanks to him and the support crew and photographer for organizing this fun run/race.
It was a great day for climbing too - I saw lots of climbers as we ran along Undercliff and stopped to examine the rock scarring and general turmoil from the recent rockfall. Photos and report to follow.
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/11/08 01:11 PM

It would be hard for me to imagine a more perfect wagathon. It's always a thrill to see who shows up and this year there was an interesting mix of hard-core ultra runners on one hand and not so hard-core on the other. ironman, ultra runner, marathoner, central park jogger, climber. There was also a nice youthful presence. Weather could not have been better.
I think 28 in all & maybe another 5 who ran from the Trapps Bridge to the end. 7 women this year. Of the 28 starters all but one finished. Three finishers had never completed a marathon distance before. Zach once again found a way to get hopelessly lost running all the way down to Gardiner via that steep hill at Awosting preserve; stopped at the Brahaus (one pub wasn't enough) hitched a ride to lenape lane, ran up to the tower and carried on back to New Paltz???????
Dr. Jay smoked the run at 4:07!!! Climb up to the tower at Sky Top and look south to Sams point, then down to New Paltz. Awesome. Sheryl Wheeler (3 time escarpment female winner) was first in woman at 5:40. 5 in all finished in under 5 hours & amongst them even a climber, Tom Kaplan!. Fortunately for me many were taking their time (some having run a marathon on saturday or an ultra the weekend prior) and the "liesurely" pace allowed for a chance to meet and talk. Some of these crazies seem to do this kind of thing every weekend!
In addition to the "winners" two other awards were handed out. Dr. Jay had suggested these go to two individuals who might not be recognized in a typical race. posters (& lurkers) on this forum will recognize Lisa for her upbeat possitive attitude. a talented recruiter for the wag also. the other went out to Scott. Some of you will recall the young climber skateboarder dude who 2 years ago made it as far as the mountain house, and that only through total grit and determination. This year with a little training and strategy he smiled his way to the pub. Very cool.

thanks again to rock & snow and to shawangunk running company. thanks to all who came out both to run and to help.

As in past years I take a brief moment beneath sky top. I always loved the walk back to the uberfall after a late day & it seems we were always doing that in the dark. I miss those days. but standing below foops, i could swear that i see tick marks on the key holds. it's a miracle......
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/11/08 04:49 PM

Big thanks to Jay for the voucher - I am looking forward to checking out the store, as well as meeting the first place finisher.
I talked to Scott briefly a few miles from the end and he said he had never run that far before. I am so glad he finished so well.
My photos can be seen here
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/11/08 05:07 PM

Congrats, everyone! Lisa definitely deserves an attitude prize. Nice photos too.
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/11/08 10:38 PM

 Originally Posted By: dalguard
Congrats, everyone! Lisa definitely deserves an attitude prize. Nice photos too.

Oh, stop!
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/12/08 05:33 AM

 Originally Posted By: The Lisa
Big thanks to Jay for the voucher - I am looking forward to checking out the store, as well as meeting the first place finisher.

our pleasure. i had an absolute blast on sunday. could not have asked for better weather. it was actually my first time through sam's point and mud pond which was a nice trail, though i'm afraid i'll never be much for running fast on the real technical stuff. but it was great to have the legs feel good once we hit the CW.

thanks again to felix for dreaming up such a wonderful event. the turnout was great and hopefully the run will continue to thrive/grow in the future.

anyone know where we can find the "official" photos? i missed the photographer coming off of coxing trail but i'd love to see the pix he was able to get. though i did enjoy lisa's as well.
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Re: wagathon IV - 11/12/08 03:28 PM

Oh yes I want to see those photographs too.

I would have gotten a photo of you, Jay, but you were a tiny dot three mountains away by the time I turned on my camera.
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Re: wagathon IV - 02/05/09 06:05 PM

this just got forwarded to me:


beau is the photographer who was out on the wag course this year. some of his portraits from the course are in the section marked "portfolio 1".

really beautiful stuff, i wish he had beaten me to the coxing trailhead...
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Re: wagathon IV - 02/05/09 07:47 PM

Thanks for the info, Jay.
I see I made the cut although I cannot think why. I like that my friend Thom is also on the same page - we often run races at the same pace and have the same struggles running uphill and curse our thinner faster running friends.
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Re: wagathon IV - 02/05/09 09:23 PM

... with their T-Rex arms. RARRRRR!
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Re: wagathon IV - 02/14/09 03:51 AM

if you had your portrait taken on-course by beau, and you want a copy emailed to you that can be printed, email him at:


he just sent me a copy of the picture from the start, which i am going to display in the shop. he seemed pleased to have people contact him, so feel free.
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Re: wagathon IV - 03/04/10 08:50 PM

Are there plans to hold Wagathon V this November (2010) or did I read a rumor that last year's was the last event???
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Re: wagathon IV - 03/23/10 03:29 PM

I think that is rumored every year but it still goes on! There are enough people willing to take over organizing it if Felix does not mind. It is such a fun event.