Hydration Paks

Posted by: Allenperry

Hydration Paks - 05/08/09 06:50 PM

Anyone run with a hydration pak? I've been using waist bottles, but am thinking of getting the North Face Race Boa. Any recommendations? I'm worried about the usual stuff: Overheating, sweating, weight, chafing, etc.

I wish the stores near me carried some of the more sleek models so I could test fit before I buy.
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: Hydration Paks - 05/08/09 10:46 PM

'Sleek' is exactly what you want in a hydration pack, especially for summer. Size and fit and comfort will vary for everyone but I personally like Gregory's Stimulus pack - it holds a 2L bladder and misc. supplies, snugs down comfortably so it does not bounce but does not restrict breathing. It also has mesh pockets in the hip belt which are GREAT for holding Gu's and lip balm. I have never had any chafing issues with it either.
If you need to carry more water than 2L you would have to go up a size. I hand carry a bottle if I want extra fluids.
Info on the Gregory here.
Posted by: Allenperry

Re: Hydration Paks - 05/25/09 01:43 PM

Thanks for the input. I settled on the Camelbak Slipstream. It says it holds 50 oz., but realistically, a little over 44oz. I can easily put two 20oz. bottles of gatorade and some ice cubes. I may buy the 70 oz. if I build up my distance. (I'm used to two small 6oz. bottles, so 44oz. is like an oasis.)

It has nice amount of cargo space, but not accessible while running (That suits me becuase my running shorts all have a cargo pocket.) Main thing is that it's sleek and comfortable. The back is ribbed and vented. I ran two days ago in 90 degree high humidity my back wasn't hot at all from it.

Now I just have to learn to discipline myself not to drink too much too fast.
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: Hydration Paks - 05/25/09 09:19 PM

Ice cubes are so nice on these hot days1 Glad you are enjoying the 'oasis' on your back. It is a problem gauging how much water you have left without stopping to pull the thing out but eventually you notice how light the pack is getting and how much you have to tighten the straps as the volume decreases.
Happy trails!
Posted by: webmaster

Re: Hydration Paks - 05/27/09 10:24 PM

Does the bounce of the fluid bother either of you? That has always been my issue with a pack on my runs. I'll do almost anything to avoid the 'slosh'.
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: Hydration Paks - 05/28/09 02:42 PM

I know what you mean, Evan - I hate any rattly/sloshy/repetitive noise when running. However, I usually keep things cinched down tight enough so they do not bounce around and make noise. There is finetuning involved to make the pack snug but not such that it restricts breathing or arm movement.
I become aware of the sloshing noise when the water level has dropped low and just try to ignore it since I know I will be refilling it or draining it completely in a short time.
Posted by: Allenperry

Re: Hydration Paks - 05/29/09 02:55 PM

I'll ditto Lisa on this one. It's also one reason why I went with the smaller 50 oz. and a chest strap (not always present on the smaller ones) I didn't really hear, or feel, any sloshing, only the slight bounce of the pack itself.

Maybe the North Face Boa is for you. Though, apparently, it's not insulated.