Over-Turned Ankle!

Posted by: Allenperry

Over-Turned Ankle! - 06/25/09 12:56 AM

Big-time sprain tonight running on a fairly rough section of the App. Trail. (Actually I over-turned my left a little, kinda hurts, then did a Stop in My Tracks and Walk Back Twist on might right ankle with about a mile to go. I'm icing tonight. I'm sure I'll be off for 2/3 weeks minimum.

Does anyone else have a problem with overturning their ankles on rough trails? I'm fine on most uneven trails but when there are rocks and movable stones... I was running in a group of about 20 people from a running club in Reading, Pa, they're all fine. (I'll confess I didn't where trail shoes) I notice it hiking at times too. I'm not sure if it's just weak ankles, sloppy footwork, shoes, or a little of everything.
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: Over-Turned Ankle! - 06/25/09 05:02 PM

Ouch I feel your pain! Sprained ankles are tough to heal but do take the time to ice and rest it if it is really bad.
It is a hazard of trail running although I find I am predisposed to rolling an ankle walking on a flat sidewalk (my right ankle; my mother and her mother have the exact same problem. My ankles get plenty of exercise from trailrunning and core stability work in the gym so so I do not think they are weak from lack of conditioning.
I had a bad year a few years ago with a sprained ankle that I kept running on and reinjuring. I was then introduced to Active Release Treatment (ART). 8 sessions and I have not had a problem since. I know I have mentioned it here at least once before as it worked so well for me I have to spread the news to others. Look it up online and see if there is a practitioner in your area. And feel better!
Posted by: Allenperry

Re: Over-Turned Ankle! - 06/26/09 03:10 AM

Thanks Lisa. I actually have been contemplating ART since reading about it in one of your other posts. I have an excessively tight IT Band and have found that applying pressure to it helps better than stretching. It confirms to me that professionally done ART would probably do wonders for me.

I'm icing the sprain and moving the ankle with my hands to keep it loose. I may try taping the next time I'm on a trail, especially a rocky one.
Posted by: pedestrian

Re: Over-Turned Ankle! - 06/26/09 05:23 PM

Not necessarily a panacea though. I know one ultrarunner who initially had some good results with ART but ultimately, she's in too much pain to run.
Posted by: J@son

Re: Over-Turned Ankle! - 06/28/09 12:45 AM

I seem to be prone to twisting my ankles, the right one especially. The last time was August. I don't know if I have "weak" ankles or I'm just unlucky, but I do know the more they get turned over the more likely you are to turn 'em over. The tendons that are stretched or torn just never tighten back up.
I'm forever nervous walking down through talus fields, uneven ground, or just navigating baby toys in the dining room.