After the Leaves 20k

Posted by: Allenperry

After the Leaves 20k - 10/25/10 02:34 PM

I've registered and have a good idea of the trails. But, does anyone know of an online map of the course? They tell you the course it follows, describing the various color trail markings, but no map. I don't expect you to search for me, but if you know of one...

Can't find 2009 race results anywhere either. Looks like some solid 6 min/milers in 2008. I'd just like to be below 90 minutes!
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: After the Leaves 20k - 10/25/10 10:26 PM

I have never found one online, Perry - there is not a lot of info about this race at all online.
I would get a Minnewaska trail map, say from the NYNJ Trail Conference and map out the course on it. That way you know where the climbs are.
The year I did it we got there very early and previewed the latter half of the course which helped know what the final miles would bring. Enjoy!!
Posted by: Allenperry

Re: After the Leaves 20k - 10/26/10 12:47 AM

Thanks Lisa. I got this reply from the race director tonight:

"We start on the red trail over looking the lake run clockwise around LK Minne on the red trail then make a left onto( ~3k) the green tail and run till green intersects the black trail at about 8k make a right onto black and run counterclockwise around LK Awosting then make a right onto the blue trail go up to highest point Castle Rock ~14k and follow blue down till it intersects the red trail make a right and follow back to start/finish line. 3 water stations 3k, 8k,14K(just water)"

It appears to be primarily carriage road type trails - Not single track - which is what I usually run. Here's hoping for 50 degrees. I can lose the camelbak for this one. My kind of running weather!

My last race, Gring's Mill was a half in June, 85 and humid at the Start! My Worst Time Ever and the only race I ever placed in - go figure. We all sucked alike in that heat. Ironically my award was a German Heat and Humidity Gauge, kinda like a cuckoo clock. Can't make that up!

Have fun at the Wag.
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: After the Leaves 20k - 10/26/10 02:29 AM

Ha ha, heat destroys me too. I had some tough times during races this summer in particular.
I was enjoying cooler running weather lately but it is warm again this week.
With plentiful water stations you should be fine with just a hand bottle though. The course is entirely on carriage trails so very smooth running.
Have great run and be sure to post a report.
Posted by: Allenperry

Re: After the Leaves 20k - 11/15/10 12:57 AM

Great race! Close to 60 degrees, a little warm for me. I decided to wear the Camelbak - I'm glad I did. I didn't drink a whole lot but the 3 or 4 sips were perfect and I think gave me an edge as the small group I was sticking with most of the way began to fade after the trek up to Castle Point, What a Climb! Water just doesn't cut it. (I had 20 oz. of Powerade)

What a hilly course. You're either running up or down most of the way. Going out to Lake Awosting is mostly up hill. I mean like 1 to 2 mile long inclines with a few steep sections! I fell behind a little there and didn't catch several of the people that passed me at about Mile 3 until about Mile 10.

The route is well marked but with no mile markers. It is right about 12.5 miles. I had to guess by my time about how far to go. I uncorked a little premature on the way back to Minnewaska, not realizing there was about 1 mile more than I thought. It worked out though and I actually wound up enjoying not knowing, It made me push harder a little earlier and that helped me with my time. It was slower than I wanted, but close enough.

Overall I was 18th with 1hr 31 min and 17 sec. (4th in 40-49 group) I recommend you emulate Jack Benny, stay 39, and out of this group. I'm 41 and stuck with these seasoned animals for a while!

The race director was fantastic. All great people. I had some hot soup at the finish and a little A.R.T. from Dr. Ness. I would definitely run this again.

Hope you REAL runners had a great time at the WAG.
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: After the Leaves 20k - 11/15/10 11:02 AM

Congratulations on such a fast time, nice job! Glad you enjoyed the race. I am sure there was a large turnout given the great weather.
I had to sit out the Wagathon alas, I have an unhappy Achilles tendon after a race last weekend and do not want to risk making it worse. I was really bummed to miss the fun. At least I can still hike.
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Re: After the Leaves 20k - 11/15/10 11:26 PM

Sorry to hear about your achilles. You're smart in resting it, but, I know the frustration that sets in after a couple days of being sidelined. It's like you're 10 years old again, sick at home, watching the neighborhood kids play outside. That feeling doesn't fade with age! At least not for me.

There was over 200 at the race yesterday. Thanks for recommending it.
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: After the Leaves 20k - 11/17/10 05:07 AM

Keep ATL in mind for next year, then smile
Thanks for the commiserations, I have never had to nurse this injury before. I ran on a sprained ankle for most of a year a few years ago. Oh well, at least my legs will be well rested once I resume running!