Hill running around the Gunks

Posted by: Doug

Hill running around the Gunks - 06/10/14 06:13 PM

Anybody out there still reading this forum? I\'m looking for suggestions for trail runs to get in some miles on hills. Steep climbs, long climbs - what do you recommend? I looked at the Gunks trail challenge site from an old post here, but it doesn\'t give elevation profiles or total elevation for the runs there as far as I can see.

Loops and scenery are preferred, and routes from 2-15 miles would be good.

Looking at Minnewaska trail map there appears to be a parking lot near Berme and Foordemoore roads, and an uphill route on Mine Hole Road to Berry Picker. Easy to follow? Good terrain?
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 06/12/14 11:47 AM

Look to the Awosting Reserve from Aumick Rd.. One of the largest elevation gains in the Gunks along the network of drives created for the now defunct residential development started some years ago on the eastern slopes.. There are few loops in there that roll along after the initial grind up..you can also use this route to access single track and other carriage ways to Mud Pond, Awosting, Castle Point, Margaret Cliff, Murray Hill etc.
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 06/12/14 01:43 PM

Thanks for the info, that looks pretty good!
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 06/12/14 05:19 PM

Also, for a shorter route and a real hill grind, warm up on the way to Duck Pond from Pine Rd trail head, and take the Duck Pond Trail up to Forest Drive. Cross Forest Drive to Birchen Path, take a left of Staircliff Path along the base of Skytop, link into Labyrinth Path, or up to Skytop via the Crevice. The talus trail along the crag base will certainly make for quick foot work. Then, either more trails or carriage road for the return.

Hope these will give you what you want. I\'m hurt\'n just thinking about it.
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 06/13/14 05:02 PM

Are there parking lots at any of these locations or can I just pull off on the road? I couldn\'t see any lots scanning aerial imagery and figured I\'d pull off but don\'t know if that is kosher in that part of the woods. I recall a certain poster on here that would call the cops for people parking on some street. Up there does not posted mean \"no parking\", or are there \"no parking\" signs like at the MUA where it is disallowed?
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 06/14/14 12:02 AM

There is parking at both Aumick Rd and Pine Rd. Don\'t block gates or turn arounds. Enjoy
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 06/30/14 04:40 PM

Thanks for the info! I was able to get out there last week and ran from the Aumick Road trail head up to Lake Awosting (I went right to follow the Awosting loop trail counterclockwise). It was a nice run, and steep after the fork. I meant to turn to continue up to Margaret Cliff but missed the trail since it was named differently than I was expecting from the maps I had available. I was expecting \"Scenic Trail\" but I think it was actually the \"Shawangunk Ridge Trail\" I saw.

At any rate running along the lake for a bit was nice and made it feel like the run had a destination before heading back down smile
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 07/17/14 11:51 AM

I am an avid trail runner and have a number of routes that I like to run on the ridge. With that said I\'ll warn you that many of the trails I like to run are technical and involve sections that need to be walked. With that said here are my favorites...

1. From the Trapps PL run up and over the metal bridge down the Trapps Rd to the Coxing Trail and take that up to Millbrook and back on the ridge trail (approx 6.5 miles)

2. Do the same run as number 1 but when you reach Millbrook continue down the carriage road and make a left after about 1-1.5 miles and loop back to Millbrook Mtn on the Getrudes Nose trail (approx 10mi 1,650\' gain)

3. From the Coxing Kill PL and run up Old Minnewaska trail and back (approx 4-4.5 mi RT and a decent elevation gain)

4. From the Spring Farm PL take the Chapel Trail to the Undivided Lot Trail. Take this all the way to Laurel Ledge Rd and make a left. Follow this to Maple Path and make a left onto the Stokes Trail. This will meet back up with the Undivided Lot Trail and follow the trail back past the Chapel to the PL (approx 9.5 mi lots of up and down)

5. From the Lower Awosting PL run out to Jenny Lane (you can also start at the Jenny Lane PL) and then follow the Jenny Lane trail to the Rainbow Falls trail. When it meets the Castle Point carriage road follow this up to Castle Point and then at the top take the Blueberry Run trail to the Mossy Glen trail back to the Lower Awosting PL. This is one of my favorite runs. It\'s approx 10.5-11 mi with plenty of elevation gain.

6. My all time favorite is the Larsen loop. This loop is an excellent mix of old forest roads and single track and is challenging but only has one area that on a good day I need to walk (too steep). You rarely see anyone on the trail and I\'ve seen deer, owls and bear. It goes through a beautiful section of the ridge. I start it from the Rosendale rail trail PL (Binnewater PL). This is one you will need someone to take you on as it is on unmarked trails. It\'s approx 8.5 mi with about 1000\' of gain and it loops all the way up to Table Rocks near the Spring Farm PL.

I hope this helps. PM me if you have any questions or want any info. I have a number of documents that detail some of these routes. Enjoy!
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Re: Hill running around the Gunks - 07/29/14 01:31 PM

Thanks for some more options - I\'ll look into them but will probably avoid really technical trails that have sections to walk for now. smile