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Trail Races - 08/07/02 06:33 PM

The last Sunday of each July, my friends and I always travel to Tannersville/Hunter for the Escarpment Trail Run. It's a 30k run over some of the most rugged and beautiful trail I've ever been on. During the race, you climb over seven Catskill Peaks, check out awesome vistas, never cross a road, and negotiate some of the most gnarly footing you can imagine. We always follow the race up with a day or two of climbing at the Gunks. Climbing is so much more fun after you've spent the previous day beating your quads and feet into oblivion:-)
Anyway, what other races are in the area that would add a little spice to a visit to the Gunks?
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Re: Trail Races - 08/08/02 02:09 AM


It's been a few years since I ran the Escarpment Trail - it's probably wise to caution any would-be participants that this is a very tough race for its distance (at a time when I was running sub-3 hour marathons it took me nearly 4 1/2 hours to complete). More info (including qualifying standards) for those interested can be found at Escarpment Trail Run.

If you're looking for something close to the Gunks why not try the Pfaltz Point Trail Challenge which takes place on the Preserve in September? Info at Pfalz Point Trail Challenge.

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The granddaddy of 'em all is the SOS - Survival of the Shawangunks. 30 mile road ride, then several swims and runs (and it's point to point, so you have to bring any/all gear with you) finishing at the Skytop Tower.

They have a website, I will post it here when I can locate it again, along with the date of the event. I am tentatively planning on doing it this year. I believe it's in Sept...

Edited to read: is the homepage, it is scheduled for Sunday, 9/15/02.

(ps - I have mt biked part of the Escarpment Trail - WOW, is that awesome! gnarly and exposed. finished up w/ a swim in either North or South Lake, I forget which)
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Re: Trail Races - 08/08/02 07:39 PM

thats awesome...doesn't even sound that bad for those non racer types
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Re: Trail Races - 08/09/02 01:29 PM

Problem is (and I only noticed this while reading 'the fine print'), is that they have a pre-requisite of any entrant having done a half-Ironman event w/in the previous 18 months , and completed it within certain time constraints.

As I have not done this, I plan on e-mailing them, to see if I can get a 'special exemption', based on my results in other events. Will advise all if they allow that sort of thing...

It does look like a really cool race!
(assuming you 'like' suffering for 5-7 hours! )
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Re: Trail Races - 08/09/02 01:48 PM

the only thing i dont think i could handle would be the swim..i hate swimming more than a cat
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Re: Trail Races - 08/09/02 02:30 PM

Messes your hair?
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Yes, I agree, the SOS looks awesome. I also have noticed the Half Iron Man requirement, that is kinda a bummer, because I have not done one either, however, I do a decent amount of swimming. Let me know how you make out with the "special exception" thing. I think their main concern is safety. The fact that you must swim after biking and running can be pretty demanding. Many times people cramp in the water after running because your body is dealing with extreme temp changes.
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2002 S.O.S. is CLOSED to registration - 08/09/02 07:57 PM

This year's SOS is CLOSED, there are only 150 spots, and apparently they're all gone...
Sorry to any if I got your hopes up. My bad.

I didn't get clarification (yet) about their 'flexibility' w/ the pre-requisites. I hope to hear back (at least for future reference) shortly....
(example: John Stamstad, ultra-endurance event stud, has probably never done a half-Ironman either. That's too short for him. I think they'd let him participate)
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Re: 2002 SOS? - 08/13/02 04:31 AM

what if we do our own, complete with climbing?
like ride our bikes somewhere south of millbrook with our gear, stash the bikes in some friends truck to get delivered back to us, climb a few routes en route to the nears then the trapps, over to coxing kill, then to LC then to peters kill, some more climbing, our bikes which we ride over to the far out traps...
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Re: 2002 SOS? - 08/13/02 04:13 PM

I like it!

Plus, ya save the entrance/registration fee, which can then be 'reinvested back into the community'* in the form of jobs, services, etc.
(*well, at least for employees of the Otter or Bacchus, anyway )
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Re: 2002 SOS? - 08/13/02 04:23 PM

shall we wait till its a little cooler? Maybe the third weekend in September or something? Or better yet, a Friday so we have everything to ourselves?
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Re: 2002 SOS? - 08/13/02 04:52 PM

I'm down with that.
A Friday would be best, so we can bask in the glow of our SOS accomplishment at Happy Hour.
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Re: 2002 SOS? - 08/13/02 05:33 PM

I'm volunteering Phil to design the t-shirts (after all, what's a race without t-shirts). Having witnessed a couple of those sexy little numbers he has in his climbing collection (you've got to love the way his nipples poke through the fabric - so enticing), I'm sure that he'll be able to get some sweat shop in Newburgh to crank out a batch of cheap knock-offs of one of his pieces. Oh yeah, step aside Vivienne Westwood

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Re: 2002 SOS? - 08/13/02 06:44 PM

Yeah, but how do you ever replicate that aged/distressed look that Phil's climbing shirts have? I mean, that's like 10, 15, 20 years or more invested in each shirt.

Not sure you could ever accurately replicate one of his 'creations'
(and the world is likely a better place for it )
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Re: 2002 SOS? - 08/19/02 01:27 PM

Not that it's technically allowed, but I used to doa workout where I would Bike from the parking lot at Petersburg to the top of Minnewaska, and out to Lake Awosting. I'd carry running shorts and shoes and a jogbra, plus a bathing suit, in a backpack. Once I hit Awoting, I'd ride a mile around the the far side and dump my running stuff in the bushes, then ride back to the beack side, ditch the bike, and swim across. Pick up dry running clothes, and then run around the lake 1 and a half times back to the bike, bike back to the car. About 11 miles on the bike, 5 miles running, half to one mile swim. Fun cause you can do it yourself (also good with friends). We took the dog once or twice too! The one time we got yelled at for swimming outside the boundaries of the lake they said it was OK for the dog to bein the water but not for us. . .
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Re: 2002 SOS / Swim @ Minne - 08/19/02 08:11 PM

Thanks (Hens)Lee - sounds pretty cool.

Hey - I found a way for anybody who would like to be able to do legal "open water" (I use quotations due to the fact that I believe it is still buoyed off) swimming at Lake Minnewaska to get registered and 'certified' to do so. Here is some contact info for those interested:

For further information swimmers can or call (845)255-7671.

I like your version better. Just obey the 11th Commandment -
"Thou shalt not get caught"
(ps - it's OK for the dog because he/she/it can't sue them if something goes wrong. )

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Re: Trail Races - 09/04/02 06:32 PM

Did any of you really look at the SOS course? It's 30 miles of biking, 18 miles of running and 2.1 miles of swimming... who in their right mind would even consider entering this without having done at least a 1/2 ironman distance race. I can totally see why they would not want eco-challange wanna-be's signing on because it looks cool. This is a hard core race !
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Re: Trail Races - 04/19/03 11:24 PM

I know of a race in NY in May. Its the balane bar adventure sprint race. fyi, type XXLATE in front of your team name and they'll waive the late fee. its is anyone here already competing? I son't have a team yet so if you need a teammate, I'm in shape and interested....