Posted by: GOclimb

Accidents - 05/05/03 06:09 PM

In the years I've been looking at this forum, I don't think there's ever been more than one or two accident reports on this site in the "Accident Report" area. And those weren't very detailed. On the other hand, there've been dozens of accidents reported - some with excellent detail - all in the general forum. So my suggestion: scrap the idea of a manually administered section of the site under "Climb" called Accident Reports. Instead, just move the excellent discussion from the default (General) to a new discussion area (Accident Reports). Sad to say, but there's plenty to keep that forum busy. It would make accident info easier to find. And it would be possible to search further back too, since it wouldn't get rolled off the site with all the other General forum posts.

Posted by: oenophore

Re: Accidents - 05/05/03 06:10 PM

Good idea.