Question about site code

Posted by: Anonymous

Question about site code - 10/31/03 07:10 PM

Was curious what content system the site was using. I see what you guys are using for the forum, but was curious about the site as a whole.


Posted by: webmaster

Re: Question about site code - 11/02/03 08:58 PM

The site is a custom PHP job.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Question about site code - 11/03/03 11:24 PM

Custom? It's very clean. I like it. Looks like you've used some formerly developed php apps and integrated it nicely together.

Posted by: webmaster

Re: Question about site code - 11/04/03 07:18 PM

It's strange to hear the code described as "clean". Working with it day in an day out, it often just feels like a bunch of completely unrelated code that is just hanging together with duct tape.

Still, I've been very fortunate to have some really terrific, understanding PHP programmers work on the site.