Bug Report: Extended Forecast

Posted by: MarcC

Bug Report: Extended Forecast - 09/04/02 05:33 PM

The Extended Forecast link on the home page opens in a new window. Given the recent discussion in another thread about killing pop-ups, some percentage of the users of this site would not see the extended forecast.
Severity: 4 [1-4 scale; 1=high, 4 =low]
Posted by: pedestrian

Re: Bug Report: Extended Forecast - 09/04/02 09:24 PM

LOL. This one actually isn't an issue if you use a browser that doesn't suck. (Read: "wants to give users a good product and hasn't been co-opted by advertising interests.") Netscape 7 allegedly has the popup-killer crippled. It doesn't effectively kill popups but it does kill other valid uses of the new window function. Mozilla's works properly; I have popup-killing enabled and I can still see the forecast. Mozilla has a smart algorithm based on what you clicked on, to determine whether you "requested" to see a popup.

The Netscape is dead, long live Mozilla!