Food / Sleep - user input?

Posted by: Julie

Food / Sleep - user input? - 09/05/02 02:22 PM

Since we're all pretty opinionated on these things - it would be great if each restaurant listing (and maybe the sleep options too) could have a 'Gunks.Com User Review' - with both star ratings, and comments, from us regulars. I know this is more work, but I think it would be really valuable.

And - the links for the Food - Sleep - etc. would be more noticeable in white, please?
Posted by: CrackBoy

Re: Food / Sleep - user input? - 09/05/02 02:43 PM

excellent idea julie
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Food / Sleep - user input? - 09/05/02 06:40 PM

As this is not my decision to make I have no say.

Personally I think it's a good idea, however it goes against the core concept of the 'Editors Disclosure'.

Please read this --> Disclosure