ClimbNYC First?

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ClimbNYC First? - 09/05/02 06:01 PM

Come on.....

This is NOT

Under the "main index" of the discussion .....
The Climbing discussion board should be on the top of the list, not the ClimbNYC board.
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Re: ClimbNYC First? - 09/05/02 06:23 PM

If you access the boards from you should not see the forums at all. You can only see them if you access the boards from In this case it makes sense that they would be on top.

Posted by: GOclimb

Re: ClimbNYC First? - 09/05/02 06:29 PM

Actually, I _always_ access the site from About 5-10% of the time I get the climbnyc forums as well. I don't mind, just an FYI.
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Re: ClimbNYC First? - 09/06/02 11:49 AM


yes you do see the climbNYC board when you access the discussion main index from
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Re: ClimbNYC First? - 09/06/02 02:20 PM

Thanks for pointing this out Poser and GoClimb, I just checked the various ways to get to the dicsussion boards from the home page. There are 4 now.

The top menu seems to work correctly all the time.

Here are the results:
top menu climb -> Just the climbing boards
top menu bike -> just the bike boards
top menu hike/run -> just the hike/run boards

However, in the Left menu with titles of select threads from each forum each link goes to the selected thread but in a forum where ALL the boards (ClimbNYC, Gunks Climbing, Bike & Hike/Run) are visable when you you go to the main index.

So if you want to filter your view to only one set of discussions please use the great new nav bar at the top of Perhaps Evan will change the way the left menu links to the forums in the futue.

If you want to join in the discussions regarding city bouldering and other NYC stuff while also viewing all the gunks boards you can visit directly