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Posted by: Anonymous

Guide services - 11/29/02 03:53 PM

I thought I posted this before... The text at says only four guide services are allowed at the Gunks, but the listings on the left hand side of the page have five services. Is it four or five?

Larry B.
Posted by: merlin

Re: Guide services - 11/29/02 06:51 PM

i believe (though to be sure i'd have to check with the preserve again) that only four services are allowed to guide in the mohonk preserve. the gunks, however are more than just the preserve and include such lands as peterskill at minnewaska, and other outlying crags that are on various lands from public to private. the five guide services listed included the services operating in the gunks, while the preserve itself only allows four of them to operate on their land.

i think.
Posted by: pedestrian

Re: Guide services - 12/02/02 03:56 AM

sure... how many people "guide" on the sly, I wonder?